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Established in 1948, the company name came from a common term used by manufacturing facilities across North America.  The last step in manufacturing a product is usually to protect and beautify it. When a product would be completed, the next question generally asked was "how are you going to decorate it?", hence our name Decorative Engineering.  Decorative Engineering & Supply, Inc. designed and manufactured tools and fixtures for painting processes using electroformed spray masks. These masks were individually crafted to increase productivity, efficiency and quality in the finishing industry.  As manufacturers needs grew through the years, so did the requirements in the finishing industry.  

Decorative Engineering went on to develop products such as Adjustable Fixtures which would house a number of automatic spray guns and a part holder that would only require the operator to place the part on the fixture, actuate the guns with a foot valve and remove the product.  We also sold a SpinSprayer which was used for parts that needed to be coated on all sides.  The part would spin and any number of required automatic spray guns would be used to coat the part as it spun 360°. The SpinSprayer was originally sold back in the 60's and we have developed and sold similar items over the past 15 years.   

Eventually, other application methods were developed including, electrostatic painting, powder coating and most recently the High Volume Low Pressure "Soft Spray" Method.  We were involved with the development and testing of a variety of new finishing technologies in common use today.  

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