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High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) Spray Guns
(as required by the SCAQMD)
Available in Gravity Feed, Siphon Feed and Pressure Feed Versions


We offer a variety of different models and manufactures.  
The new Binks Trophy Series Gun is the current model being shown.

Electrostatic Spray Guns

Electrostatic spray guns create a "wrap" effect as the paint is being atomized out of the spray gun.  The negatively charged paint will wrap around the metal part that is being sprayed reducing the overspray typically associated with the Conventional and HVLP spray guns.
These guns are available as manual spray, automatic spray, disc or bell models.  The new Ransflex Gun (shown on left) which has a built in generator and only requires air to generate an electrostatic field.


Conventional Spray Guns
Because of SCAQMD Regulations, Conventional Spray Guns are primarily used for spraying adhesives with a viscosity greater than 200cps.


Spray Guns Extension
Spray gun extensions are helpful when attempting to spray parts with tight angles where a regular spray gun cannot hit the target.  They are extremely useful when doing an inner diameter of a part.


If you are having difficulty in coating a part due to it's configuration, give us a call and we'll come out and help you select the best solution.

Automatic Spray Guns
(Available as HVLP or Conventional Spray Methods.)

Automatic spray guns can be fix mounted for parts passing by on a conveyor.  They can also be mounted on a reciprocator where the part will either rotate or remain still while the gun will move back and forth either vertically or horizontally.  The automatic guns can also be mounted on a robot where it is programed to spray the part in the most efficient manner.


Detail Spray Guns
(Available as HVLP or Conventional Spray Methods.)

Siphon and Pressure Feed Versions available in both top trigger and pistol grip.
Detail guns are available in Gravity(not shown), Siphon and Pressure Feed Versions.


Airbrushes are available in either single action - when the trigger is depressed the paint will burst out, or dual action - when the trigger is depressed you only get air and pull back to get paint out.

Siphon and Gravity Feed Versions are available with various size containers.



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